Commercial Services

Active Air is licensed bonded and insured with over 22 years of experience working with industrial and commercial HVAC systems in Edmonton, repairing and cleaning them of airborne particles and other contaminants.

Taking care of the environment that your clients or employees live and breathe in is something we take great pride in. Every project deserves a careful and thorough cleaning, and we can guarantee that no matter how large the project is, our team will ensure that every corner in your duct system will be properly taken care of.

Residential Services

The quality of your home’s air is important so be sure to regularly get your ducts cleaned! Whether you’re moving into a new home or have noticed a difference in your current home’s air, give us a call for a free consultation and an expert recommendation for duct cleaning services for your home or business

If you are like many of our customers – perhaps the ducts have been “out of sight, out of mind” for too long. Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for – give us a call and we will put our 22 years of experience working on HVAC systems in Edmonton to good use!

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Duct Cleaning

What we clean from your system might surprise you – to see inside some actual vents using our camera tools, click the button below. The footage was all taken from the same vent system! While this was an extreme case, we come across our fair share of toys, dirt, garbage, lint build up, pet dander etc. All of these things may be circulating through your air, which may be causing health issues. Not only will Active Air be able to help with these issues, but a proper cleaning can also help reduce heating and cooling bills by improving the energy efficiency of your duct system and extending the life of your Furnace or Air Conditioning unit. With our duct video imaging, you'll see exactly what's going on inside your ducts - the dirt, dust, and more!

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Consider cleaning your ducts if:

You have pets, young children or several people living under one roof
You have family members with allergies or asthma
You’ve recently moved into a new home or completed renovations
You experience a musty or burning smell when you turn on the furnace for the first time
A duct cleaning will help protect from dirt and dust being pulled into your new equipment!

HVAC Repairs & Inspections

Have our certified technicians ensure that everything is running properly. We can help you diagnose problems with your HVAC system and make repairs in an emergency. We are often asked “What is the most valuable tip you have with regards to appliances and mechanical systems of a home?” Without a doubt, we say “In addition to getting a whole house inspection, get a Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling (HVAC) inspection done by a qualified heating and cooling contractor.”They go on to explain that most of their claims come from failed HVAC systems: 50% of the claims we pay are on HVAC systems yet these are two of the most under inspected items on the whole house inspection.

Moved in to a new home?

HVAC repairs and replacements are costly…much more so than kitchen and laundry appliances. If the home inspector misses something on a dishwasher, at worst case scenario, you can replace an entire dishwasher for $300. Not so with a new furnace, heat pump or air conditioner which can run into several thousands of dollars!

The costs and headache involved in a failed HVAC system during a cold winter day can be avoided with a little planning ahead.

Humidifier Installations

Colder weather can often cause a dry environment in your home as your heating system begins to be used more frequently. Humidity levels can even decrease to a point where health problems arise such as dry, itchy skin or scratchy throats. Increased static electricity build up in the winter time might also be a sign that humidity levels are lower than usual. The products we use easily be installed to remedy the situation. Our knowledgeable professionals can help advise you on the best choice if you are unsure. If you need a solution requiring a whole house humidifier, we can help install it properly right next to your furnace.

Factors that affect
Humidity levels:

Lack or excess of heating, insulation, and air ventilation
Outdoor humidity levels as weather and proximity to water
HVAC system performance and operations
Appliances, showers, and baths
Cooking and other household activities

Dryer Vent Cleaning

The risk of dryer vent fires can be limited by ensuring that the dryer vent length (including allowances for elbows, transitions and outdoor hood assemblies) does not exceed the dryer manufacturer’s recommendations. If it does, it may be necessary to install a dryer vent system booster fan. Regular inspection and cleaning of dryer lint screens, and the dryer duct and outdoor hood bird screen will also prevent lint build up and will keep the dryer running as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Are dirty vents a fire hazard?

A plugged dryer duct system will certainly cause a dryer to run hotter and increase the chance that something could catch fire. A blocked, or partially blocked venting system, however, is only one link in a chain of events that must occur for a fire to start.
Other events may include: failure of thermostat and limit switches in the dryer, lint inside the dryer, a missing or a damaged lint screen.

Air Quality Testing

Indoor air quality testing is an important component of environmental health, since inhalation is a major route of exposure to many volatile organic compounds. According to Health Canada survey, 28% of Canadians consider poor air quality as the most important environmental problem, which is more than any other environmental issue.Get professional help from experts at Active Air Edmonton. From our homes to the office to educational institutes and more, the majority of the air is surrounded by chemicals, hazardous gasses, living organisms such as mold and pests. These pollutants affect our health in many ways such as allergies and more.

When do you need
Air quality testing?

In case you purchased a new house
If you suspect hidden mold, although you are unable to smell it can be present in your furnace and HVAC system.
If your home inspection found signs of mold, and now you wish to confirm it.
Residents experience shortness of breath and other breathing problems.
Residents experiencing low levels of oxygen, which might lead to lethargic behaviour.

Thermostat Installation & repair

A thermostat is the control centre of your entire heating and cooling system, allowing you complete control over the indoor climate of your home. A thermostat allows you to alter the temperature, humidity, and other factors that contribute to your family’s overall comfort. If you find that your thermostat is not working correctly, it likely needs to be repaired or replaced. An Active Air Edmonton thermostat installation professional can assess your thermostat issues and recommend repair or replacement of the device.

What Are The Signs
Of A Failing Thermostat?

Overheating or overcooling
Coolant leaking
Erratic temperature changes
Strange sounds
Heater problems

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting is the most Environmentally Friendly Surface Restoration process used for cleaning machinery, structures, or objects. Its unique ability to sublimate (turn from solid to vapor without going through the liquid state) means there are no by-product or secondary wastes created resulting in minimal cleanup.This is very significant because Dry Ice Blasting eliminates the use of harmful chemicals, as well as the cost of hazardous waste disposal making it your safest and most cost effective environmental site cleaning option.

Benefits of dry ice blasting:

No secondary waste-eliminating clean up costs and disposal fees
Environmentally Friendly-uses recycled carbon dioxide
Faster and more effective-compared to manual cleaning with solvents
Non-Abrasive-wont damage sensitive parts, sensors, wiring, electronics, etc.
Dry process– since the dry ice sublimates you can clean in place, safe for all electrical applications

Customer Reviews

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I needed to have my furnace motor replaced. Active Air contacted me n messenger. The guys were fantastic. They were on time to the minute. They were very knowledgeable and had the job done in no time at all. They are exactly what I was looking for someone that could work and replace small issues with furnace without recommending entire replacement. I will definitely keep their information on hand and keep my Furnace service and maintenance And repairs done by them. Very fairly priced I sincerely could not be happier. I just wish I'd known about them about a month ago. When my son had similar problems back in December, but went with a total furnace replacement. Do not hesitate to give these guys a call.
Again a huge thank you to Active Air Heating!! Definitely a 5 out of 5


Chad is so wonderful to work with. We were able to get an appointment within the week. They really do a great job and offer to clean and sanitize unlimited vents plus one furnace, and do a furnace inspection for $239. Better than any other cleaning company we have had. Highly recommend this locally owned company who truly care about the job they do.


Great Service - On Time! Got the job Done in 2-3 hours as promised and went the extra mile to accommodate my kid - Thank you so much for a great Service 5/5!!


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